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This journal has been used in two games. [livejournal.com profile] soul_campaign and [livejournal.com profile] sortinghat_rp. This post is here to clarify and organize things. I'm no longer at SH, but still in SC.


Application can be found here
In-Game History can be found here
Relationships can be found here
Journal Entries can be found here
Entries commented on can be found here
Logs can be found here

For both games Rise's crit or plotting post can be found here.
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Hello there! This is where you can talk to me about my Rise. Think I play her well? Think I play her poorly? Or perhaps my characterization isn't the problem. If there is anything at all you'd like to say about how I play her, or my roleplaying in general, this is where you can say it. Don't worry, I won't bite, just remember that if you do have an issue, please be specific and give me examples, and if possible, ideas on how to improve! Anonymous commenting is on but screening is not because its a Douchebag with a capital D. You can't reply to screened comments, and I'd like to talk with those who want to plot, or have crit :> Let you know I'm listening.

This post can also be used if you'd like to plot something in particular with Rise, or if you just have any sort of question, or would like to gank her for a log. Drop me a note here, or LJ PM me.
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Dreamscape Plot.

Decided to give it this corny name. Also making a separate post here that I can easily access and edit to keep from going crazy.

The ability: OKAY. First let me surmise Rise's ability again, and clarify a couple things. Rise has the power to show people what they love and/or desire the most. When I say his, I do not mean it solely in a romantic context (but it can be!). It can be any kind of love—romantic, familial, kinship and any kind of desire—your ambitions, your dreams, your goals, that cute dress you saw in the shop window. It can be incredibly simple, or incredibly complex, and of course it can be more than one thing.

The illusions are incredibly complex, touching on all the senses so this will feel very real to them. If they happen to eat a meal while in their dream, they will both taste it and feel full. They will feel the sun on their skin, they will be able to talk to any people who appear in their dream and interact with them in whatever way they wish.

During this plot people will need to be within a certain parameter of Rise. I'm not going to play any exact limits on the distance, but the way it works is that the moment they step within a certain distance of her they will be completely immersed in it. If they get away from her, or if she gets away from them, then it will be broken. Already have the volunteer who will take Rise down and we will be discussing how else they might be able to break it so for the rest of you, this is the only way. When the illusions break is completely up to you. Either they get far enough away, or it will break on its own, eventually when Rise is taken down.

The 3 ways we can do this:


  1. The first one is the easiest. We handwave it. Your characters are in the illusion only as long as they are within a certain vicinity of Rise. This means that if your character moves out of it, or if Rise moves away from them, it will be broken. Please note, however, that the 'people' in their dreams will probably try to keep them inside for as long as possible. So if you want, you can just assume it happened, and participate in the event in any other ways, and just react to it or have those memories for a later point.

  1. You can write it all out yourself, like a fanfic. You control everything that happens, the setting, all the people that come into it. Another fairly simple one.

  2. Lastly and this is where we start getting into slightly tricky ground, but I think this might be the most fun! If certain characters appear in your person's dream, others can play them. For example, lets say I did something with Mulan. Some of the people who might be part of Mulan's dream would be Mushu, Kurapika, and Toph. I'd ask their respective players if they would be interested in playing out this scene with me. If so, then we could discuss how it goes, and log it out together!

For you guys I can also serve as a sort of GM if you want me to (but it's not necessary by any means, in fact I'd prefer it only if you really need me xD). By this I mean I can dictate setting/certain events that happen/random NPCs, what have ye.

If you decide to go with this option, please remember that some people might not be up for it! Especially since there will be certain things that they have to keep in mind since they will be playing your character's 'dream' version or theirs, not their actual characters. Which brings us to the next bit!

Dream People: This is for those people who will be playing dream versions of their characters!

There are two primary things you should keep in mind. The first is while the illusion is meant to capture them very well for realism, its primary purpose is still to cater to the wishes of the dreamer. Therefore if a situation comes in which it is either ICness or what will make the person happy, the dream version would go with the latter which might of course tip the person off to the fact that there is something wrong.

They will also do what they can to try and keep in the person in the illusion as possible. Therefore if the dreamer starts moving away from the vicinity in which they will be affected by the illusion, they will try to keep them in!

Nightmares: Happy illusions are Rise's default. Her aim is to trap people in their perfect world because they are stupid and do not know what is best for them, and she is the only person who can give them what they want so you should all love her and not think she is creepy at all. HOWEVER. She is capable of any sort of illusion if she really wants to, so if you would rather take a darker route and instead give people what they fear/hate the most then that can be arranged as well! All the above rules apply.

IF YOU WANT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS PLEASE REPLY TO THIS POST SO WE CAN PLAN OUT EVERYTHING THAT WE NEED TO. You can also bring in people who might be interest in play Dream!Characters so you guys can work out whatever you want.

Thanks guys <3 If you have anymore questions please feel free to ask!

 Info I Need: First, which method are you using? Handwaving, writing, or logging it out.

If it is any of the first two then have at it, no need for me to know what is happening, but I'd still like you to comment here just so I know that they were under Rise's influence. If you are doing the third however, additional info I'd like is.

Who are the characters involved? Would you need me to NPC any of them? And would you like me to serve as a GM. Remember, if you don't want me in and just want to use Rise as a catalyst THAT IS PERFECTLY A-OK. But if you do want me in it somehow I will need info so I know what I am doing and am not just derping around.


Feb. 13th, 2011 01:17 pm
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Wow so uh.

Quite literally months ago, hell maybe bordering on a year by now Taiwan and Rise talked about doing an all-girls night out. Other events kept popping up, or I kept forgetting but I still think that it would be a pretty fun and awesome thing to do.

So basically consider this a planning post! Since then Rise has also mentioned it to Yoko so I think that maybe the three of them can organize something. I wanted to talk to you two first about it before posting a plotting post on the OOC comm (especially since I already made a plotting post for something else).

I'm thinking that most of it could maybe be held at Northern Lights? They could move stuff around, set up a TV and other stuff, maybe a karaoke machine? They could visit a bunch of other places too like the bar (and once the youngins are all settled in back at NE the older ladies can go to red district places if they so desire xD).

So what sorta stuff would you guys like to see? When do you think would be a good time to do it? Anything you can think of!
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Player Information
Name: Emely
Personal Journal: [livejournal.com profile] wishingforvilla
Contact Info: Email: ringcampana | plurk: calledvertigo
Other Characters: N/A

Let's go to the movies and I will hum you a song about nothing at all )
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All recorded interactions.


Jul. 26th, 2010 01:01 pm
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This will include a link to events, ic directory, and maybe an IC person seeking so and so for partnerships?
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What is a Demon Tool?

Ascribing a particular definition to a demon tool is rather difficult, since some are simply machines whereas others are sentient beings. The best I can say is that they are an artifact that somehow meshes science and magic to achieve things otherwise impossible. Most were created by a man named Eibon.

What are some demon tools?

The first and most important is a machine we are all familiar with--BREW. Others include the Morality Manipulation Machine, and Weapons themselves fall under this category. There are a number of others, but as of now I am not aware of them.

Who is Eibon?

This is a question I cannot answer, there is very little information on him other than he was a scientist and friend of the deceased Shinigami.

What is BREW

BREW is the most powerful of all the demon tools, and currently in Shibusen's possession. It has the capability of granting one wish, no matter how great. Unfortunately the ways it does so can be rather roundabout, and it can only grant one wish at a time which is why we're all here in this situation. Shibusen occasionally holds BREW viewings so that you can see it for yourself.


Jul. 26th, 2010 12:15 pm
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Hello! You have reached the inbox of Rise Kujikawa.

As one of four the the longest recruits here I know quite a bit about this world and Shibusen now, so if you have any questions and are unable to get in contact with the staff, feel free to leave me a question here and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I'm also available for any Weapons who are having trouble transforming. If you would like some assistance, I am more than glad to provide it.

Lastly, I remember everyone who has come and gone here, so if you would like to know if anyone from your world is here, I can tell you that too.
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Hello, and welcome to Death City. If you are reading this post then you are probably new to this world. My name is Rise Kujikawa and this post here can serve as a manual to help you get acquainted with this world and its norms. This will only serve as a table of contents so to speak and will link off to many other posts.

If you find yourself still confused about something, or a question of yours is not answered in any of these posts, please feel free to contact me here. Or even if you just need me for anything else.

The Basics

This World

Meisters, Weapons & Partnerships

Demon Tools & BREW

Kishin & Witches

Events Timeline

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I probably should have made something like this ages ago, considering how complicated Rise's weapon form can be.

Rise is, by named a Demon Veil or, more specifically A Veil of Deception.

When she first changes, her form is that of a cloak or veil. Think something along the lines of the Invisibility Cloak. When worn by her Meister, she will eventually 'sink' into them, and both can if they choose to create illusions.

At its earliest stages Rise and Matt will have very little control over these illusions. They will be full--visual, auditory, and even tactile. An illusion of whatever it is that their target loves and/or desires the most.

As they grow stronger and gain more practice they'll have more control over what is depicted, and I still need to talk to Jami about what exactly their Soul Resonance ability will be.

If they choose not to make illusions, however, then Rise will empower her partner so they can harm Kishin Eggs and Witches with their body (ie. martials arts). They cannot do both at the same time since the illusions require utmost concentration from both parties.

Apart from that, however, Rise is also capable of changes her form to a very slight degree. She cannot change her material or her density (that of a roughly 7x5 piece of silk) but she can twist herself into things like a whip, or just be a blanket, or maybe a parachute. Whatever that is within reason and can be thought of.
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Derp, derp. I did this ages ago here but forgot to put it in her journal.

1. I once made a request on the P4 kink meme [a non pr0ny one, mind you >8(] concerning Rise's parents. There's a lot of hints dropped in the game that they may have been abusive and one person said that their first thought was that one of them had Munchausen by Proxy. The fill was made with her mother having it, and now it's become headcanon for me since it makes an awful lot of sense, especially considering Rise's attention issues.

2. Rise loves to make her food super, super hot. So I figure she just loves all spicy food in general and what is consider really hot by an average person is incredibly tame to her. I've extended this to her really loving hot weather, and hating the cold.

3. She really hates pop. Yea, I know that might not make much sense since that's what she sings--but that's the very reason I think she'd hate it. Rise talks about hating having to act like a ditz and cliche, and at endgame she says she's going to be writing her own music. I think if there ever was a point that she liked it--and even after she gets over her representation issues (which she is still working on here in SC) two years of holding that all in will make her a little resentful towards it none the less. I see her as the kind of girl who looooooves almost all forms of music, but because of these circumstances, pop is not one of them.

4. Rise can be a big flirt sometimes. BUT SHE IS NOT USE TO, NOR COMFORTABLE WITH BEING FLIRTED BACK. So if someone actually does it she'll be like "8D....wait what? D8"

5. PRANKSTER EXTREEEEEME. But then this seems to happen with a lot of my characters :|a Hmmm.

6. She can be downright manipulative when she wants to be.

7.French speakings does. Interesting things to her. 8|

8. Rise outwardly is one of those people with a very positive attitude. She's almost always there with a smile for others, an ear, a hug. She is one of those kinds of people who knows what others need, no matter who they might be. She's a regular cheerleader. Truth is, like so much of her this is only for the sake of others. While not a pessimist, Rise is very much a realist, especially now after all the things that have happened with Adachi. I mean really she has had to deal with stalkers, fanatics, hate mail, and in a likelihood people who have probably wanted to kill her even before the attempt on her by Adachi. She's seen and met all sorts of people, so she is far from naive.

9. HEY LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX. It's. Kind of hard to avoid with Rise considering that her dungeon is a strip club ;;; Most of fanon really hates Rise and depicts her as a slut, which I think sort of misses the entire point of her dungeon and Shadow |D;;

As an idol Rise is completely objectified. She's not seen as Rise, or hell maybe not even Risette but just as a girl-maybe-woman. So I think for a while Rise got it into her head that the only way someone would be interested in her, is because of her body. I feel she has come to acknowledge how wrong this is. A couple wiki pages have said that somewhere it was implied or said that she didn't want to be a sex-object, which was part of the reason she quit. I don't remember this being referenced in the game myself but Persona is one of those kinds of games where depending on how you answer things you might not see certain scenes, or get certain quotes, and it would make sense with why her dungeon is the way it is.

While Rise finally understands that "no. That is a bad way of thinking" I'd like to play around with the idea a little more, so I think while she objectively knows it's wrong, a part of her still feels that way.

She can talk pretty casually about sex and feel unbothered by it, and she has an incredibly open mind, but in the act itself I think she would be very uncomfortable with unveiling herself. She'd be able to give, but wouldn't take.

10. While she isn't strong, she is damn resilient. She can take a beating before going down.

11. Rise is not an airhead, Rise is not an airhead, Rise is not an airhead.

She isn't some genius or super-mature either but she flat out says after turning that 180 when you rescue her that she was acting all happy and peppy because she thought the others might not like her as the gloomy person she first presented herself as. WHY DO PEOPLE MISS THIS?
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Death City Directory

→ A

Alfred (America)
Arrived: Approximately 1st of June
Weapon: Pistol
Partner: Yoko
Origin: Earth ; America
Time: ? Perhaps 2009
Skills: ?

→ B

♫ o2 ♪

Dec. 5th, 2009 10:33 pm
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Never a moments rest, is there? But hey. It's home. After five years I've sorta gotten use to it. I wonder if life will continue to be this eventful once we're done with school. Might almost miss it if not. Everyone feeling alright?

So hey. Out of curiosity who all is staying for the holidays?
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