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Derp, derp. I did this ages ago here but forgot to put it in her journal.

1. I once made a request on the P4 kink meme [a non pr0ny one, mind you >8(] concerning Rise's parents. There's a lot of hints dropped in the game that they may have been abusive and one person said that their first thought was that one of them had Munchausen by Proxy. The fill was made with her mother having it, and now it's become headcanon for me since it makes an awful lot of sense, especially considering Rise's attention issues.

2. Rise loves to make her food super, super hot. So I figure she just loves all spicy food in general and what is consider really hot by an average person is incredibly tame to her. I've extended this to her really loving hot weather, and hating the cold.

3. She really hates pop. Yea, I know that might not make much sense since that's what she sings--but that's the very reason I think she'd hate it. Rise talks about hating having to act like a ditz and cliche, and at endgame she says she's going to be writing her own music. I think if there ever was a point that she liked it--and even after she gets over her representation issues (which she is still working on here in SC) two years of holding that all in will make her a little resentful towards it none the less. I see her as the kind of girl who looooooves almost all forms of music, but because of these circumstances, pop is not one of them.

4. Rise can be a big flirt sometimes. BUT SHE IS NOT USE TO, NOR COMFORTABLE WITH BEING FLIRTED BACK. So if someone actually does it she'll be like "8D....wait what? D8"

5. PRANKSTER EXTREEEEEME. But then this seems to happen with a lot of my characters :|a Hmmm.

6. She can be downright manipulative when she wants to be.

7.French speakings does. Interesting things to her. 8|

8. Rise outwardly is one of those people with a very positive attitude. She's almost always there with a smile for others, an ear, a hug. She is one of those kinds of people who knows what others need, no matter who they might be. She's a regular cheerleader. Truth is, like so much of her this is only for the sake of others. While not a pessimist, Rise is very much a realist, especially now after all the things that have happened with Adachi. I mean really she has had to deal with stalkers, fanatics, hate mail, and in a likelihood people who have probably wanted to kill her even before the attempt on her by Adachi. She's seen and met all sorts of people, so she is far from naive.

9. HEY LET'S TALK ABOUT SEX. It's. Kind of hard to avoid with Rise considering that her dungeon is a strip club ;;; Most of fanon really hates Rise and depicts her as a slut, which I think sort of misses the entire point of her dungeon and Shadow |D;;

As an idol Rise is completely objectified. She's not seen as Rise, or hell maybe not even Risette but just as a girl-maybe-woman. So I think for a while Rise got it into her head that the only way someone would be interested in her, is because of her body. I feel she has come to acknowledge how wrong this is. A couple wiki pages have said that somewhere it was implied or said that she didn't want to be a sex-object, which was part of the reason she quit. I don't remember this being referenced in the game myself but Persona is one of those kinds of games where depending on how you answer things you might not see certain scenes, or get certain quotes, and it would make sense with why her dungeon is the way it is.

While Rise finally understands that "no. That is a bad way of thinking" I'd like to play around with the idea a little more, so I think while she objectively knows it's wrong, a part of her still feels that way.

She can talk pretty casually about sex and feel unbothered by it, and she has an incredibly open mind, but in the act itself I think she would be very uncomfortable with unveiling herself. She'd be able to give, but wouldn't take.

10. While she isn't strong, she is damn resilient. She can take a beating before going down.

11. Rise is not an airhead, Rise is not an airhead, Rise is not an airhead.

She isn't some genius or super-mature either but she flat out says after turning that 180 when you rescue her that she was acting all happy and peppy because she thought the others might not like her as the gloomy person she first presented herself as. WHY DO PEOPLE MISS THIS?
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