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I probably should have made something like this ages ago, considering how complicated Rise's weapon form can be.

Rise is, by named a Demon Veil or, more specifically A Veil of Deception.

When she first changes, her form is that of a cloak or veil. Think something along the lines of the Invisibility Cloak. When worn by her Meister, she will eventually 'sink' into them, and both can if they choose to create illusions.

At its earliest stages Rise and Matt will have very little control over these illusions. They will be full--visual, auditory, and even tactile. An illusion of whatever it is that their target loves and/or desires the most.

As they grow stronger and gain more practice they'll have more control over what is depicted, and I still need to talk to Jami about what exactly their Soul Resonance ability will be.

If they choose not to make illusions, however, then Rise will empower her partner so they can harm Kishin Eggs and Witches with their body (ie. martials arts). They cannot do both at the same time since the illusions require utmost concentration from both parties.

Apart from that, however, Rise is also capable of changes her form to a very slight degree. She cannot change her material or her density (that of a roughly 7x5 piece of silk) but she can twist herself into things like a whip, or just be a blanket, or maybe a parachute. Whatever that is within reason and can be thought of.


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