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Northern Lights

Basic Information

Northern Lights is an International Restaurant first set up by Matthew Williams [Canada] ([livejournal.com profile] maplezen). When he was returned home by BREW he left it in the care of his then partner, Rise Kujikawa.

It is located in the Inner Shopping Distract in building C3 and looks like this (1, 2, 3) on the outside. On the inside it looks like this (1, 2, 3, 4.)

The restaurant is middle class, thus affordable to most, and homely, but of good quality. Every other week it represents a different country and offers different foods and is decorated according to that country.

Reservations can be made if you want to take a group of people there for privacy and good food.

I'd like to work here!

If you are interested in working here, please check the list below to see what positions are open. This may be subject to change as people leave or as the restaurant grows.

Managers [2/2] - One daytime and one nighttime manager to oversee and supervise. They won't be working all the time as Rise will fill in for this position as its needed. Need to be good with people, good with money, and good at running things--if they want to still do other things (like perform, cook, etc) that is fine.
Waitresses/Waiters [4/7] [Uniforms] - Seating customers, taking orders and making sure the customer gets everything they want and need. Tips belong to whoever served the table. Also functions as busboys/girls. Please be good with people.
Cooks [3/5] - Must be very familiar with cooking many and lots of things! Must work well under pressure and not inclined to spit in food please.
Bartenders [1/3] - Must be familiar with serving and making drinks. Must have restraint enough to not drink it all while working and be okay with late nights. Preferable if you were over the age of 18.
Entertainment [2/3] - singing and performing for the customers.

To work here, please contact Rise Kujikawa

I'd Like to Make a Reservation.

Contact Rise Kujikawa for any reservationas.

Current Employees

Owner: Rise Kujikawa
Manager: EirĂ­kur Ragnarsson (Iceland)
Sanae Hanekoma

Waitresses/Waiters: Alfred F. Jones (America)
Ange Ushiromiya
Yao Wong (China)
Bartenders: Alejandro Perez (Cuba)
Entertainment: Kurt Hummel
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